Thursday, February 24, 2011

Portland's Idea of a Snow Day

After days of hype regarding the pending winter storm it finally came.  We got one inch of snow, maybe. School was canceled and a surprising number of businesses shut down despite the fact that roads were clear. That's what happens when it snows in Portland.

Flora was thrilled to have snow, no matter how little.   We had big snows the last two winters but she can't remember those so in her mind, this was her first time seeing snow.

She caught snow flakes on her tongue. 

Made footprints. 

And built a snowman.

A sad little snowman.

Look how proud she is!  It's killing me. <3

After building our snowman we drove up to my aunts house and watched some big kids sled on asphalt. They were keeping the dream alive.  By the time we got home at noon the snow had all melted from our yard and our snowman was a little pile of slush and raisins.  It's amazing how fun an inch of snow can be when you spend the day with a two year old. 

Is your city prepared for snow or does it shut everything down?

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