Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stir Crazy

Like most other people I know who live in Portland I've been going a little stir crazy lately.  We're still getting a lot of rain and the temperatures are below normal for this time of year. I'm sick of being cold so I don't want to go outside in this weather, neither does Flora.  On Tuesday I just couldn't stand it any longer. I needed a change of scenery so we jumped in the car and drove out to Multnomah Falls.

We stopped at the Vista House on our way out. 

Flora wanted to give self portraits a try. 

When we got out to the falls I really wanted to go for a little hike but it started raining and Flora was cold.  She refused to walk and I didn't want to carry her so we just took a few pictures, marveled at the falls, ate some food and came home. 

I attempted to get a photo of us in front of the falls. 

But then a kindly man offered to help.

It wasn't exactly the trip out into the woods I was hoping for but even a beautiful drive out scenic Hwy 30 and a few minutes at the falls helped lighten my mood a little.  Hopefully the weather will improve soon and Flora will go on a little hike and have a picnic with me.  

How do you keep entertained during the long winter?

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Sunday, April 24, 2011


We're not religious, I never went to church and David stopped going when he was young, so for us Easter is really more about tradition that religion.  The Easter Bunny and Brunch are the traditions we choose to follow. This was the first year that the Easter Bunny visited our house. Flora was too young to care previous years so we didn't bother.

To prepare for Easter we've been reading "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes."  I think the story stuck because last night Flora stayed awake, lying in her bed, until 10.  Every time we asked her to go  to sleep she said "I'm waiting for the Easter Bunny to come."  We tried to explain that the bunny wouldn't come until she was asleep but she was convinced she could see that bunny.  See how it always comes back to not sleeping with this girl?


She did finally fall asleep and then she did something she almost never does. Sleep in.  Until almost 7.  In our house 7 is late. When she woke the first thing she did was yell from her bed, "Is the Easter Bunny still here?"  After breaking the news that the Bunny had come and gone we went to go see what she left. Since Flora doesn't eat sugar the bunny left eggs filled with playdough and stickers and a basket full of outdoor toys like sidewalk chalk.  She was thrilled!

A new gardening hat.

More loot.

Excited about the eggs hiding around the house.

She got a little sassy as the morning progressed.

After the excitement of the morning died down we all got dressed up to go have brunch at Red Star with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Flora was excited about brunch but not about David taking her picture.  Based on her outfit, you might think we are trying to turn our daughter into a little princess but we're not.  Trust me we're not.  She just REALLY likes pink and I have no idea why.

Did I mention we don't have any dress shoes that fit so she wore her high-tops?

Her sassy attitude had me a little worried about brunch but she settled once we got there and colored like a big girl.

Then, to ensure she would remain happy, we seated her next to Maggie, my 7-year-old cousin. They love each other.

Because I'm in the middle of my cleanse I had a big green salad at brunch.  It made me a little sad not to eat a big plate of eggs and bacon but most everyone seemed underwhelmed by their food. I'm glad I didn't cheat for less than stellar food! Red Star may not have a great brunch but if I remember correctly, their happy hour is pretty good.

We spent the rest of the day taking it easy and trying to run a couple of errands that will have to be dealt with later since stores close early on Easter.  Oh, and we watched the new Doctor Who episode. Judge all you'd like but I love me some Doctor.

How was your Easter?

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Last week I put Flora down for a nap.  I could hear her in her room talking for about 20 minutes but then there was silence so I assumed she had fallen asleep.  About 30 minutes latter I heard more noise so I went back to check on her.  Knowing that she was supposed to sleep she had closed her door so that she could play quietly without me hearing.  I opened the door to tell her to get in bed and found that she'd completely destroyed her room.  Very quietly I might add.

Toy box area.

Her bed.

More toys.

She even took her rug off the floor and draped it over her dresser for a completely new look.

You may wonder how she did all this without me hearing and all I have to say is that the kid is sneaky.  She knows I would be upset and make her get back in bed if I heard anything so she was quiet.  Very quiet.

On a completely unrelated note, last month when we were in Austin we saw this guy riding his horse to the bars downtown.  Austin is not a small town.  He's an urban cowboy.  He even earned himself the nickname "6th Street Cowboy" after he was arrested riding his horse down the popular bar lined street drunk on a Friday night. His horse and mule (which we saw his friend riding) were confiscated but he got them back because this photo was taken after the arrest.  You can read more about his 15 minutes of fame here or like him on facebook here.  I would also like to add that the horse and mule were extremely mellow and not spooked in the slightest by rowdy drunken hipsters passing by.  I was impressed.

Maybe the two posts aren't completely unrelated.  I'm pretty sure the girl who tears her room apart and the urban cowboy could be great friends if introduced.  The both like to challenge the limits of social norms.

Have you ever met an urban cowboy?

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday, under the supervision of my naturopath, I began the Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse.  I can eat as many fruits and vegetables as I want, I just have to keep a 2 to 1 vegetable to fruit ratio.  I also get to eat some lentils everyday and I take supplements and drink a ton of water.  Technically I only have to drink 64oz but I've been extremely thirsty since starting the cleanse so I've probably been drinking twice that.   After 10 days I get to add meat to my diet.

I decided to do this because I hope it will help with some skin issues I've had for a while and I'd like to lose a couple of pounds that I gained after I stopped breastfeeding and before I adjusted to eating less.  I haven't progressively gained weight but I did gain a few pounds right after I stopped and I haven't been able to lose them.  I'll keep you updated on my progress.

So far the cleanse has been pretty painless.  I'm hungry but for the most part it's just my mind that is hungry, not my stomach.  I have a problem with eating when I'm bored or stressed.  Eating spinach or carrots for comfort just isn't that appealing so maybe I'll be able to break that habit as a part of this cleanse.  I've also been a little irritable but Dr. Blake told me I could expect the first few days to be difficult.   So far it is not as difficult as I feared it might be.

I'm not the only one working on a deep clean.  Today my wonderful husband moved the appliances in our kitchen to sweep and mop underneath.  I may do most of the daily cleaning but I like to pass off the heavy lifting to someone stronger.

Have you ever done a cleanse?  Did you get good results?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Try Not to Judge

As parents we are constantly being judged harshly for our parenting choices so I try my best not to criticize  other parents, or when I do I usually only share my judgements with my husband.  Then there are actions that aren't really bad parenting choices so much as they just show a complete lack of regard for others. Today I witnessed one of those.

I took Flora to the children's museum and we had a great time.  At one point during our visit I saw a mom talk to her 2 maybe 3 year old daughter who was playing next to Flora.  The girl must have told her mom she went potty because I then saw the mom pull down her daughter's pants, remove her diaper, set the diaper on the floor, wipe her butt, and put put a new diaper on.  In the middle of the museum.  Then the mom threw the diaper away in a trashcan in the middle of the exhibit.  I was appalled, I didn't say anything but maybe I should have.  It's the children's museum, there are no shortage of changing tables and I'm hardly a germaphobe but that action shows a lack of common decency.  Not only for the germ factor, which I'm surprised the mother didn't consider since she repeatedly told her daughter not to put the museum toys in her mouth because "those things are covered in germs," but also because it seems to show a complete lack of respect for the daughter.  Give the girl the privacy she deserves.

Flora looked confused and I was upset so we moved on and enjoyed the rest of our time at the Museum.  Please excuse the grainy photos, they were taken on my ipod.

The Curious George exhibit, or Monkey George as she calls him.

Very excited to play with clay.

Working the light board.

And finally, painting her face.

What would you have done if you'd seen a mom changing her diaper in the middle of the museum? Am I alone in thinking this is totally inappropriate?

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Yankee Doodle

The following scene played out yesterday afternoon.  Last night David and I lay in bed cracking up over what a goof our kid is. 


DADDY and FLORA sit in the car waiting for MOMMY to return with avocados. Daddy
rolls the windows down with the controls to his left. Flora does not see him do it.

Hey, who rolled those windows down?

I don't know, Flora. I think it was that guy.

Daddy points to a DUDE with a FEDORA walking by with a few OTHER PEOPLE. The dude's
got a feather in his hat.

What guy?

That guy.

That guy with the black hat?

Yeah, him. He did it. I think he's

He rolled the windows down?

Yup. He's got a feather in his hat. That
means he's shifty.

A feather?

Uh huh. Flora, when you get older you're not
allowed to date dudes with feathers in their hats.

Like Yankee Doodle?

Yeah. Especially him. That Yankee Doodle is real shifty.

Thanks to David for writing that out for me since I didn't actually witness the hilarity. 

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Back

Lack of sleep and a spring that is breaking records as the coldest and wettest spring EVER has left me feeling uninspired.  We went to Austin for a week which was great but it only made returning to the cold and wet more difficult.  Despite that life is still good. Flora has been sleeping a little more.  I stress little, but even when she sleeps she has trouble staying in bed.

She got to spend some quality time with David's family while we were in Texas.  

Watering the lawn with grandpa.

She was having a good time and did not want to be disturbed. 

Playing with her Grandma and cousin Jake.

It's hard to be too down when you spend all day with this girl.

And are married to this guy.  Seriously.  I love this guy.

How's your spring so far?

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