Sunday, April 24, 2011


Last week I put Flora down for a nap.  I could hear her in her room talking for about 20 minutes but then there was silence so I assumed she had fallen asleep.  About 30 minutes latter I heard more noise so I went back to check on her.  Knowing that she was supposed to sleep she had closed her door so that she could play quietly without me hearing.  I opened the door to tell her to get in bed and found that she'd completely destroyed her room.  Very quietly I might add.

Toy box area.

Her bed.

More toys.

She even took her rug off the floor and draped it over her dresser for a completely new look.

You may wonder how she did all this without me hearing and all I have to say is that the kid is sneaky.  She knows I would be upset and make her get back in bed if I heard anything so she was quiet.  Very quiet.

On a completely unrelated note, last month when we were in Austin we saw this guy riding his horse to the bars downtown.  Austin is not a small town.  He's an urban cowboy.  He even earned himself the nickname "6th Street Cowboy" after he was arrested riding his horse down the popular bar lined street drunk on a Friday night. His horse and mule (which we saw his friend riding) were confiscated but he got them back because this photo was taken after the arrest.  You can read more about his 15 minutes of fame here or like him on facebook here.  I would also like to add that the horse and mule were extremely mellow and not spooked in the slightest by rowdy drunken hipsters passing by.  I was impressed.

Maybe the two posts aren't completely unrelated.  I'm pretty sure the girl who tears her room apart and the urban cowboy could be great friends if introduced.  The both like to challenge the limits of social norms.

Have you ever met an urban cowboy?

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  1. Flora is hilarious! Did she nap in the end?

  2. Yes. She did eventually nap.