Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday we went to a wedding.  Though many of the guests wore costures David and I didn't.  We did dress Flora up.  Initially she was going to be a train engineer but she refused to wear the costume so we dressed her up as a pirate instead. 

Like any good pirate she was feeling rather naughty at the wedding.  I had to take her outside durring the ceremony because she wouldn't be quiet.  Once the party began she had a much better time.  She tested out her photography skills.  

Flora's best photo of the evening. 

Mommy, say CHEESE!!!
The other guests were amused by our tiny pirate and her camera. 

She also took to the stage to show off her dance moves.

Today Flora and David carved a Pumpkin.  

When they were done carving, Flora added a little color.

She was proud of their creation.

When it came time to pass out candy we tried to get Flora into costume but she would have none of it.  Since she wouldn't wear a costume David decided to have a cheesy photo shoot instead.

Wait, do you still have apple in your mouth?

Even though she wouldn't wear a costume Flora had a great time handing candy out to the kids who came to our door.   Maybe next year we'll bring her trick-or-treating but since we don't let her eat candy we didn't see the point this year.  

Last night, Kermit the Frog told me I have two real cuties.  I had to agree and I had a great Halloween with my cuties this weekend. 

How did you spend your Halloween?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change in the Weather

It's officially fall here in Portland.  It's been cold, and dark and wet for a couple weeks.  I think the weather is putting the whole family in a funk.

On nice days we try and get out and enjoy what remains of the sunshine.  Our recent trip to the pumpkin patch was a lot of fun.

We got one big pumpkin for the family and then told Flora she could have her own pumpin but she had to carry it.  She tried a few big ones.

In the end she settled for something a little smaller.

Unfortunately the nice days have, and will continue to be, few and far between.  It's supposed to be a particularly cold and wet winter.   Mount Hood has opened it's ski lifts already, if that is any indication of what it's been like here in Portland for the last few weeks.  Fortunately, there are more and more indoor activities that Flora enjoys.   Her favorite is playing music.

How do you plan to keep your family happy for the long winter? 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Date Night

Last night was my Dad's last night in town visiting.  David and i decided to take advantage of our last night with a 3rd adult in the house and we went on a date.  To make things really easy for my dad we didn't leave until after Flora went to sleep.  As I was putting her to bed I reminded her that David and I were leaving and the conversation went like this:

ME:  Flora, don't forget mommy and daddy are going out for a little bit so if you wake up it might be grandpa who comes in to give you kisses.

Flora:  Where you going?

Me:  We're going to a restaurant to eat some food.  

Flora:  I wanna come with you.

Me:  No Flora, I'm sorry it's just a mommy/daddy restaurant.

Flora:  It's OK.  I come too.

Me:  No Flora, you can't come.  Sometimes mommies and daddies need to go out alone.  We need to talk about mommy/daddy things.  The restaurant is close, we're just going to go eat some food and then we'll come home.  You probably won't even know we're gone.  

Flora:  Restaurant just on other side of this wall?  

Me:  Sure Flora, the restaurant is very close.

Flora:  You open wall so I can see?

Me:  No Flora, I can't do that.  That's not the way it works.  We'll be home soon and Grandpa will be home to keep you safe.

Flora:  Grandpa big scary dragon.  Grandpa keep me safe.  GRRRAWRRAW!

Me:  Yes Flora, Grandpa will keep you safe.  I love you.  Go to sleep. 

Flora:  OK.

Me:  Sleep tight, baby bear.

Flora:  Sleep tight, mommy bear.

Me:  I love you, baby bear.

Flora:  I love you, mommy bear.  

I am constantly amazed by Flora's imagination and her communication skills.

Dinner was great.  We had Sushi and Sake.  Best of all we got to spend a couple hours together without the girl.  

When is the last time you had a real date night with your partner?  Where did you go?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Swim Lessons

We've been attending "Mommy & Me" swim lessons through Portland Parks and Rec since Flora was 18 months old.  Not continuously but on and off.  The classes are fun.  There are songs and splashing but Flora has never been very daring.  Instead, she chooses to cling to me like a baby monkey.  I've always kinda assumed that she was scared of the pool, even though she loves the bath and is brave little girl.  It was only recently that I realized the pool water is just WAY too cold for her and she's not clinging to me because she's scared, she's just trying to get warm.  

I realized this after having a play date in the soaking pool at The Kennedy School.  The water there is warm (probably too warm for little babies) and Flora loved it.  She was all over the place.  She wanted me to dunk her under the water.  She wanted to jump off the side of the pool back into the water whether I was ready to catch her or not.  She was a completely different girl.  

The clues were there all along.  I guess the shivering and blue lips should have given it away but none of the other kids seem to mind the pool temperature. I grew up swimming in cold water and it never bothered me. I guess Flora's just more sensitive.  

I talked to my grandmother, JJ, about my desire to switch pools because she is kind enough to send Flora to swim lessons and all other pools in the area are more expensive.  After telling her how cold Flora is she insisted that I pull Flora out of her current class right now and wait for a new session at the warmer pool.  Her Flora should not have blue lips. 

Against JJ's strong objections we'll finish up our current session through Parks and Rec because even though she's cold she still enjoys herself.  She'll never learn to swim if she won't let go of me but she does have fun.  Once this session is up we will join the DolFUN Swim Academy.  It was recommended to me by a neighborhood mom because the instructors are great and the pool is warm.  

We'll be taking a few month off from swimming but I'll keep you updated when we start up again in January.  

Feeling a little less chilly with her dad last February. 
When did you start swim lessons with your kids?  Did they enjoy it from the start or was it a little scary?  Do you think JJ is right, should we stop going to the cold pool and wait for the new session?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Grandpa's in Town

Even cleaning is relaxing when the girl is not home. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Girl Already has More Courage than Me

Flora played capoeira with David in a hoda on Alberta last night.  I have no pictures, no video, no evidence, only the memory.  It was amazing.

Flora is very much her own person.  She proved that last night when, after watching adults play capoeira for an hour, she begged me to let her go play.  I handed her off to David and they entered the hoda.  She kicked and mimicked some capoeira postures, she didn't care that she had a large audience.  She was having fun.  

I was so impressed that my tiny little girl (for those of you who have never met Flora she really is tiny, even by a two-year-old standards) stood in the middle of a towering circle of loud people, all eyes on her, and did what SHE wanted to do.  The girl is fearless. 
Remember this face, she's come to do great things. 

Do you remember the first time you were truly impressed by one of your child's personality traits? Share.