Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad News, Good News

Bad news is that Flora should be sleeping right now.  Good news is that she can count to 27.

Who could stay mad at that face?

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Monday, March 7, 2011


I used to sew. Not particularly well but well enough and I enjoyed it. When I was pregnant my grandmother bought me a nice sewing machine and I used it maybe two times.  Then Flora was born and I didn't have the energy or attention span to sew. Last week that changed.  I sewed Flora a dress.  It's super cute and I'll share pictures soon.  I don't have any right now.

Today Flora saw a picture of a little girl carrying her baby doll in Bjorn style carrier and she asked me for one.  I told her i would not buy her a carrier for her doll but if she wanted one I would sew it.  Flora jumped up and down and said yes so I got right on it.  She now has a sling for her baby.  I cheated and made a super simple sling that would not be safe for a real baby but is perfect for a doll.  Don't let Flora's little hands fool you, she doesn't have to hold her baby up.  She's just a nervous mommy using her sling for the first time.

Then it was dinner time.  Flora pretends she doesn't like broccoli but she does. Thank goodness since it's the only green thing she'll eat. How do I have a child who doesn't like vegetables? Me. Are you familiar with my diet?  I drink a huge mug of pureed vegetables for breakfast every day!  I don't get it and I can only hope she'll outgrow it soon.

This is a video of my chatty girl finishing her dinner while I make some bread.  I love her.

Chatty Dinner from Ellie Saldana on Vimeo.

It's been a long day and I plan to spend the rest of my evening lying in bed with a glass of wine and my foot up.  My foot and ankle are REALLY swollen and in pain tonight.  They have been all day.  I broke my toe three weeks ago.  Should it still be swelling?  I refuse to require any sort of medical care.  I will fine tomorrow.  I will.

How do you get your child to eat vegetables?  Please don't tell me to let her dip or to make faces out of the vegetables. Flora will laugh your right out of the kitchen if you try those techniques on her. 

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