Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday we went to a wedding.  Though many of the guests wore costures David and I didn't.  We did dress Flora up.  Initially she was going to be a train engineer but she refused to wear the costume so we dressed her up as a pirate instead. 

Like any good pirate she was feeling rather naughty at the wedding.  I had to take her outside durring the ceremony because she wouldn't be quiet.  Once the party began she had a much better time.  She tested out her photography skills.  

Flora's best photo of the evening. 

Mommy, say CHEESE!!!
The other guests were amused by our tiny pirate and her camera. 

She also took to the stage to show off her dance moves.

Today Flora and David carved a Pumpkin.  

When they were done carving, Flora added a little color.

She was proud of their creation.

When it came time to pass out candy we tried to get Flora into costume but she would have none of it.  Since she wouldn't wear a costume David decided to have a cheesy photo shoot instead.

Wait, do you still have apple in your mouth?

Even though she wouldn't wear a costume Flora had a great time handing candy out to the kids who came to our door.   Maybe next year we'll bring her trick-or-treating but since we don't let her eat candy we didn't see the point this year.  

Last night, Kermit the Frog told me I have two real cuties.  I had to agree and I had a great Halloween with my cuties this weekend. 

How did you spend your Halloween?

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