Friday, October 1, 2010

The Girl Already has More Courage than Me

Flora played capoeira with David in a hoda on Alberta last night.  I have no pictures, no video, no evidence, only the memory.  It was amazing.

Flora is very much her own person.  She proved that last night when, after watching adults play capoeira for an hour, she begged me to let her go play.  I handed her off to David and they entered the hoda.  She kicked and mimicked some capoeira postures, she didn't care that she had a large audience.  She was having fun.  

I was so impressed that my tiny little girl (for those of you who have never met Flora she really is tiny, even by a two-year-old standards) stood in the middle of a towering circle of loud people, all eyes on her, and did what SHE wanted to do.  The girl is fearless. 
Remember this face, she's come to do great things. 

Do you remember the first time you were truly impressed by one of your child's personality traits? Share.  


  1. I love this story, I wish I could have seen her and David play.

    I will tell you that my girl has impressed me many times by doing scary things even though she had a gut wrenching amount of fear. Now that's brave!

  2. Fearlessness is a good trait to stop for Flora, world domination. Go Flora!