Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Try Not to Judge

As parents we are constantly being judged harshly for our parenting choices so I try my best not to criticize  other parents, or when I do I usually only share my judgements with my husband.  Then there are actions that aren't really bad parenting choices so much as they just show a complete lack of regard for others. Today I witnessed one of those.

I took Flora to the children's museum and we had a great time.  At one point during our visit I saw a mom talk to her 2 maybe 3 year old daughter who was playing next to Flora.  The girl must have told her mom she went potty because I then saw the mom pull down her daughter's pants, remove her diaper, set the diaper on the floor, wipe her butt, and put put a new diaper on.  In the middle of the museum.  Then the mom threw the diaper away in a trashcan in the middle of the exhibit.  I was appalled, I didn't say anything but maybe I should have.  It's the children's museum, there are no shortage of changing tables and I'm hardly a germaphobe but that action shows a lack of common decency.  Not only for the germ factor, which I'm surprised the mother didn't consider since she repeatedly told her daughter not to put the museum toys in her mouth because "those things are covered in germs," but also because it seems to show a complete lack of respect for the daughter.  Give the girl the privacy she deserves.

Flora looked confused and I was upset so we moved on and enjoyed the rest of our time at the Museum.  Please excuse the grainy photos, they were taken on my ipod.

The Curious George exhibit, or Monkey George as she calls him.

Very excited to play with clay.

Working the light board.

And finally, painting her face.

What would you have done if you'd seen a mom changing her diaper in the middle of the museum? Am I alone in thinking this is totally inappropriate?

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  1. i TOTALLY would have said something. and i don't have a kid.

  2. I'd say something like "Oh they have really good changing facilities here!" and point them out to her.

  3. I should have said something. I was so taken aback at the time that I was rendered silent.