Monday, February 28, 2011

Five Questions for Dr. Eric Blake ND DLAc on SALDANATION

David has a great blog, the focus is mainly short fiction with a comic every Wednesday but occasionally he'll do a Five Question Interview.  I've decided to share his most recent interview with you because Naturopathy, and Dr. Blake specifically, has made such a large impact on my family's life.  An excerpt from the post appears below.

"If you're like most people, you see a doctor when faced with illness or injury but have grown accustomed to certain discomforts. Maybe cheese gives you a stomach ache and sugar makes you moody but you eat them both anyway. You chalk up fatigue and stress to work and not enough sleep. Hitting the gym makes you sore for a week and you figure you're just out of shape. You don't feel sick but you don't feel healthy. Perhaps you're fine. Sure thing. Take some pills...or maybe keep reading.

SALDANATION is fortunate to have touched base with Dr. Eric Blake ND. He's a Naturopath and director of Hollistic Health pc, a Naturopathic clinic in Porltand, Oregon. We asked him five questions."


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