Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Favorite Day

Saturday is my day to sleep in.  David and I have to take turns because Flora doesn't care that it's the weekend, she still gets up at 6am.  Some day she'll be old enough to get up, pour herself a bowl of cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons but we're not there yet.  Yes, I'm the mom who will send her kid to the living room alone for a couple hours on a a Saturday morning when she's old enough.  She's hardly starved for attention.  I'm sure she'll be fine. Until that day, Saturday is my day to sleep in and Sunday is David's.

While I sleep David and Flora watch cartoons, play and Skype with David's parents.  I get up around 8:30, yes that's sleeping in at my house, drink some coffee and go to yoga.  By the time I get home from yoga it's lunchtime, which is followed by nap time.  That means every Saturday I'm essentially off mommy duty until 1:30 when Flora wakes from her nap.  It's the only significant chunk of time I get when I don't have to feed or entertain her and it's amazing.

If you live in Portland you should check your The People's Yoga.  It's where I go and they have a great business model.  If you don't live in Portland you should see if your city has something similar.  I know New York does...


What do you look forward to every week?

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  1. That sounds like the prefect saturday :) it's the kind I long for everyday when John's away...I make up for it when he's back though ;)
    I have to confess that if Nate gets up earlier than 6 (which he sometimes doe if he's gone to bed early :S) I let him play in his room whilst I doze in that bad?
    What kind of yoga is it? I follow a dvd but would love to go to go a class...think I'm a bit self-consious lol

  2. I see that John has a job that keeps him away about 75% of the time. What does he do?

    I don't think there is anything the matter with Nate playing in his room for a while in the morning. If I Flora didn't wake up hungry and demanding peanut butter toast we might do the same but and unsupervised two-year-old and peanut butter is a bad combination!

    My Saturday morning yoga is a gentle yoga class. I go to a more challenging class durring the week but I love the gentle stretching first thing in the morning! You should go to a class when you get a chance. If you're anything like me you'll push yourself harder there then you would at home and everyone is too focused on their own practice to judge the quality of your warrior. I promise.