Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Quite Movie Night

Last night I went out with a mommy friend of mine.  It was fun.  We see each other pretty regularly but always with our kids and it's been a while since we've even done that since her husband took their son on an extended trip to visit his family in Argentina.

We had so much fun talking during our dinner of Ethiopian food that we missed our movie.  Our plan was to see "Boy" at the Portland International Film Festival.  It looked good and I was excited but they oversold the show and by the time we got there, even though we were ticket holders, there were no seats.  Oh well, I can hope for an art house release.

We didn't let the movie being oversold ruin our night.  We enjoyed a glass of wine and some more conversation.  It was great to learn more about someone I consider to be a friend but who I really knew little about. We always meet with our children and that can make it difficult to hold a real conversation.

Check out the preview for "Boy."  Maybe it will come to your town and you'll do a better job of getting to the theater in time to watch it.  Apparently it sold out every night it was in Portland.


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