Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Litte Break

After a long week with the girl I made sure she got in some good Daddy Time today.  I love watching these two play together.  Don't ask why she's wearing her shirt on her head.  I have no answer except that she's two and that's what she wanted to do.  Tonight David and I are  headed out on a much needed date.  I can't wait!

Untitled from Ellie Saldana on Vimeo.


  1. Hope you had a great date night!

    I lived at home with my parents when my daughter was little. My Mom and I were helping out at a food pantry delivering baskets to homebound people - and my Dad was in charge of Hannah.

    Mind you, she was about 3 at the time. I got home and he said "Hannah and I went to the grocery store, the post office, we visited neighbors." I looked at Hannah and she was in pajamas, but not what she wore to bed.

    I asked my Dad "how come Hannah's wearing pajamas?" He thought it was a matched outfit!

  2. this is so sweet. flora has grown soooo much!!