Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Now that I am a mom there is nothing I miss more than lazy Sundays.  Sleeping until ten, eating a big brunch, spending all day in my pajamas and reading a book or watching a movie can be the perfect way to end a weekend.  Once you have a toddler it's just not possible.  Usually we spend Sunday running errands or going for walks.  Sometimes I think David and I enjoy running errands as a family because sitting in the passenger seat of the car while the other drives is the closest thing we get to relaxing while Flora is awake.  For that 15 minutes we're in the car she is restrained and can't jump on us or bring us a new puzzle solve.  Don't get me wrong, I love the cuddles, stories and puzzles but sometimes I just want to sit and do nothing. Today was the closest I've come to nothing in a long time.

Because Flora pretty much never gets sick, and believe me I'm not complaining, it also means that she almost never has days where she is happy to sit around and cuddle.  Today however, she did not feel good.  She's not sick but she is teething and does have a nasty diaper rash.  (More about the diaper rash at the end of the post.  I need some advice.)  The day started off with a lot of this:

Followed by even more of this:

By nap time I was desperate for relief so I offered her a short walk to the videorama and the movie of her choice IF she would nap.  She negotiated and got some popcorn added to the deal. Yesterday was similar to today and instead of napping she lay in bed, exhausted, for 2 hours saying "I all done napping" and I was not interested in a repeat performance.  I don't know if my movie/popcorn bribe worked or if she was just too tired to fight sleep today but she did nap.  Then, we did rent a movie.  Curious George with Will Ferrell voicing the man with the yellow hat.

The movie was what you'd expect but the afternoon sitting on the couch snuggling my exhausted and grumpy little girl while she ate popcorn and watched "Monkey George" was great.  It was the closes thing I've had to a lazy Sunday since she could crawl.

Ok, now back to the diaper rash.  Flora is fully potty trained except at night when she wears one diaper;  the same kind of cloth pocket diapers she has been wearing since she was tiny.   They have always worked great and she never had diaper rashes when she wore them all day.  Now, all of a sudden, she keeps getting a nasty bright red rash on her bottom.  I don't get it, her but is dry and gets air all day long but that one diaper at night seems to be causing her serious problems.   It was so bad today that I went out and bought some disposable diapers to see if that would help.  Any moms, or dads, out there know what might be causing this new problem?  Her diet hasn't changed so I don't think it's food related.   She never poops in her diaper so it's only urine and I'm pretty sure she doesn't pee until the early hours of the morning because we've tried to go diaper free a few time and never had trouble until then, so it's not like she in the wet diaper for 8 hours. Taking her out of diapers completely is not an option at this point because though she hasn't had a daytime accident in months she has never woken up dry.  Come on wise parents, what's you're advice?

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  1. Could it be Thrush/aka yeast infection? That can cause a nasty rash.. Also, do you use vinegar in your wash? If I don't use vinegar Tobin gets a rash.

  2. Sorry to hear Flora isnt feeling good. Piper is sick but she still doesnt slow down. She is almost more demanding with "Mama hold Piper" every few seconds. Poor babies. About the diapers... have you striped them lately. It is strange asking you that since your the one who got us started on cloth. As soon as we would stip her diapers the strong smell and redness would go away. Just a thought.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'll strip the diapers and see if that helps. I'm sure I'm past due on that. It's just weird that we have NEVER had a problem with it until now. I'll probably use up the pack of disposables we bought first. Who knows maybe she'll learn not to pee at night in the next month and it won't be an issue. Chante, is Piper fully potty trained at night now? Did you do anything or did it just happen? Flora hasn't had a daytime accident in months but she wakes up wet every morning.

    Flora is also very demanding when she doesn't feel good but if I sit with her and give her my undivided attention she's more than happy to snuggle. It's when I need to do things that it's difficult.