Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last Two Teeth

Would you believe this sweet angle lay in bed and yelled at me for more than 90 minutes before finally falling asleep?  I then spent the duration of her nap a prisoner in my own home, scared to make any noise for fear of waking the monster.  My efforts were in vain.  She woke after only 45 minutes and then spent the rest of the afternoon rubbing her eyes and crying.  These are her last two teeth, her last two teeth, her last...

Everything I've read says that the first two teeth are the hardest.  Kids get used to the sensation and each subsequent set of teeth is easier.  Lies!  How did your house cope with teething?

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  1. We are going through teething right now too! I was up from 4:30 this morning to 6:00 with a fussy baby. He doesn't really need anything, he just wants to moan and fuss enough to keep me from sleeping. We have tried baby orajel, teething rings, and on particularly bad days, motrin. I think it just effects each child differently. My older son, never had a problem with teething, but my baby is a total nightmare teether. At least, you are almost done!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that, Anne. I wish you the best with the teething. I think there is just nothing you can do to sooth some children during this time. Good luck!