Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Classic Shave

I'm not cheap.  I like nice things.  I don't like overpaying.  We have been overpaying for razor blades for too long.  Every time I go to the store to buy new Mach3 replacement blades the price goes up.  Last time I went to buy some, 8 replacement blades were going to cost me $23.  That's $2.87 a blade for those of you who don't want to do the math.

I've put my foot down.  I will not over pay for razor blades any longer.  Instead David and I are changing our grooming routine.  We will now use an old school safety razor to shave.

I bought a Merkur Classic Safety Razor, Straight and 100 SHARP STAINLESS Double Edge Polymer Coated Safety Razor Blades for about $50.  The cost of replacement blades is $0.16 each.

You may be under the impression that safety razors are difficult to use and that it is easy to cut yourself, I was.  It's not true.  The first thing I did when the package arrived today was shave and I did not cut myself once.  I did not have to shave extremely slowly and cautiously.  I was easy, almost as easy as a modern razor.  But that's not all...

The best part?  My legs are so smooth.  MUCH smoother than they get when shaving with a modern razor.  David's review is that they are "uncommonly smooth."

We just got the razor in the mail today so I've only used it once but I'm very happy with my decision and  I highly recommend the switch.  

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  1. Lol, all I keep thinking is "I wish I had time to shave!"