Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Farmer Flora

I recently started buying eggs from some friends who have 16 chickens on a couple acres just over the river in Washington.  These chickens truly are free range.  They eat bugs and grass from the lawn, greens and squash from the garden and are only cooped up at night to protect them from the coyotes.  If you've never had really fresh eggs you're missing out.  I used to buy farmer's market eggs but they cost twice as much as expensive store bought eggs and were not noticeably better so I went back to organic store bought eggs.  These are different.  The yolks are firm and orange and the taste is unparalleled.  

Labor Day morning my family went up to Washington to buy two dozen eggs.  Flora had an amazing time learning where her food comes from.  

David was her stylist. 

Flora spotted the chickens almost immediately.

Greg let Flora check the nests for eggs.  She found two.

She was amazed. In case you can't tell her eyes are saying "you mean I get to take this home and eat it?"

They also have an amazing garden.  They sent us home with some kale, romanesco, and cucumbers.

Amy was kind enough to pick Flora a beautiful bouquet. 

They put her to work feeding less than perfect greens to the chickens. 

The chickens were grateful.

After learning that Amy and Greg have chickens and dogs
Flora is considering a move to Washington.

Before heading home David and Flora decided to show off their balancing act. 

Do you think it is important to know where you food comes from?  Do you keep chickens or have a home garden?  What are you doing to teach your children the importance of fresh, real food?


  1. I love the picture of Flora with the flowers. She looks great with her new hair cut. Piper and I have (I should say had) a veggie and herb garden. She loved helping out with it. She may not understand the importance of real food yet, but she will. Most importantly she loves to eat it. Thank to y'all she loves "keywa" (quinoa).

  2. This is awesome Ellie! i too have recently discovered how delicious real fresh eggs are. What an cool thing to do with your child. :)