Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Haircut

I know it's silly but I've been really nervous about getting Flora's haircut.  I was worried that her beautiful curls were only baby curls and that by cutting her hair I would be getting rid of them forever.  The daily struggle to brush her hair finally got to me and we took her to Rudy's Barbershop over the long weekend.  I considered taking her somewhere that specializes in kid's cuts but I don't trust the skill of stylists who work at those places.  She may only be two but she still deserves a stylish haircut.  

Flora did great.  She sat on the booster seat, held my hand and put on her brave face while a large man covered in tattoos cut her hair.  Unfortunately, we forgot our camera and were unable to get any photos of her getting a haircut. 

After cutting off a good 4" of hair her curls are still there and she's cuter than ever.  My mother-in-law thinks we should have kept a lock of her hair but it didn't even occur to us so those first locks are lost forever.  

Were you nervous to get your child's first haircut?  Did you keep a lock of his/her hair?  Where do you take your child for haircuts?


  1. Is it the perpetual bowl cut that you received as a child that makes you doubt the skills of kid's haircutters? ;)

  2. That might have something to do with it. That and I can't imagine that many people would rather cut children's hair than adult's. I think many of them end up at kid's salons because no adult will let them near their hair with scissors.

  3. Ellie, I see YOU in that second photo. Something about her expression is very you. As you know, I LOVE her haircut.