Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to Work, Kinda

I've been keeping myself very busy for the past week.  I've gone back to work, kinda.  

My grandmother, JJ, is a collector of old ethnic jewelry and has been for 50 years.  She used to have a business but stopped selling when she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer 10 years ago.  She beat the odds and has been cancer free for several years now.  

Though cancer free and doing well, JJ does not have the energy or desire to sell at collector shows anymore.  Instead, I have started a business to help her sell her collection online.  She provides the collection and expertise and my folks, and I do all the hard work.  It's a great deal for everyone because honestly, no one in the family could have done this collection justice, upon inheritance, without JJ's help.  While I appreciate the rarity and beauty of her collection it is not my passion, it is hers.   She seems genuinely excited to have a reason to spend hours in her "bead room" again.  

After months of work we have finally opened our online store.  I have been (still am) uploading inventory daily.  Not an easy task with a toddler running around.  

We haven't even sent out our mailing launching the store and already we have sales.  It feels good. 

Please check out our store, Girl Adorned.  If you have loved ones who have a passion for ethnic treasures pass the link along because the Jackie Little Collection has been coveted by other collectors for decades.  

Me as the "Girl Adorned" Age 5
This has been the advertisement
for JJ's business for almost 25 years.


  1. Beautiful pieces. What a cute picture of you. The collection is amazing.

  2. Please convey my wishes for continued good health to your grandmother.

    I still have 2 extraordinary Thai (?) coins with elephants on them that I purchased from her at a big bead show in Washington DC about 20 years ago. She had such an extraordinary collection. I recently "Googled" her name and encountered the Ebay store. I will be purchasing...

  3. Alice, thank you for your kind words. I will be happy to pass along your good wishes.