Monday, September 6, 2010


Flora's Bacca-chew, or Chewbacca as you may know him, was left behind at a restaurant this weekend.  She bathes and sleeps with him every night so this was a big deal.  At bath time, when I realized our mistake, I called the restaurant where he was forgotten.  The waiter on the phone told me they found him so I went to get him back, no big deal.

As soon as I walked into the restaurant the waiter remembered me and I could tell by the look on his face that he did not have my Bacca.  He explained to me that they had my missing toy earlier but someone, he knew who, brought it home because she had the matching Princess Leia.  He promised me he would get it back; he felt so bad he even offered to bring it to my house.  I accepted his offer and made a final plea to get Bacca back.  He's a 3" action figure that was my husband's as a child so he cannot be replaced with a quick trip to the toy isle.  The Chewbacca action figures of today are not nearly as charming as the 70's version. 

I waited about 24 hours and had not heard anything from the waiter so I called the restaurant again.  The waiter was not there but by this time the story of the missing Chewbacca was known by all the restaurant staff.  A woman, who I recognized as being the owner, got on the phone and told me she brought Chewbacca home but had later returned him to the waiter who said he would deliver the toy to my house.   That waiter was not working that day so she offered to call him and see what was going on. 

I got a return call about twenty minutes later and it was a woman whose voice I did not recognize.  She explained that she was the waiter's roommate and though he had gone for an all day motorcycle ride she would be happy to return my toy.  I accepted her offer because by this time we had gone though a bath, a bedtime and a nap time with out Chewbacca.  I wasn't looking forward to explaining his absence again.  I gave the woman our address and told her to leave him in the mailbox. 

When we got home that evening the first thing I did was check the mailbox and, after involving what felt like a significant portion of my city's population, there he was. Bacca-chew was in my mailbox, his right hand raised in victory. 

Has one of your child's favorite toys ever gone missing?  Did you get it back or was it a lost cause?  


Bacca's Bath