Monday, August 30, 2010

Time for Yourself

I am not very good at making time for myself.  I know it's important, I go crazy without it, but still I can't seem to get out of the house and do things for myself.  I used to do yoga but finances are tight and the money could go towards other things so, I quit.  As the months passed I began to miss that time to myself more and more but thought I should do something more social than yoga.  I do after all, spend most of my time with a two-year-old and though she never stops talking she isn't the best conversationalist. I decided I would try out a fencing club here in town.  I've always kinda wanted to try fencing and this place has a very affordable beginner's class. 

Tonight was supposed to be my first night but class starts at 6 and David doesn't get off until 5.  Getting there was going to be a logistical nightmare that would involve me riding David's bike home, in the dark and possible rain.  I know this is Portland and people do it all the time but I'm a little nervous riding on streets alone; I got hit once.  

A little disappointed in myself for not trying something new I have committed myself to 3 months of Yoga instead.  Tonight was my first night back and it felt great.  

How do you make time for yourself?  How do you choose to spend that time?


  1. i am also glad to hear that you are doing yoga...if that is all you can do right now, its still better than not doing anything for yourself. and yoga is super awesome.