Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Car

Flora has always hated the car.  When she was little and her car seat was still rear facing one of us had to sit in the back with her or she would scream the whole car ride.  Going somewhere alone was no fun. Oh how I wish she was one of those kids who falls asleep in the car.

Things improved a little on her first birthday when I turned her seat around but she would still rather walk everywhere.  Everyday when I tell her we're going somewhere her response is, "no car, just walk."  She's lucky we live in Portland because we do have a lot within walking distance: 3 playgrounds, the library, a kid friendly coffee shop, and a grocery store.  When possible, we do walk but sometimes we need to leave our neighborhood.

David stayed home again today because I'm still recovering from what I have decided is the worst ear infection ever.  I had no idea an ear infection could make your whole body feel so terrible but that's another story.  Near the end of the day I began to feel a little better and told David that if he took Flora to buy some avocados I would make guacamole and corn tortillas as part of our dinner.  They went and I stayed home to rest.

They drove because the grocery store with cheap avocados is not in our neighborhood.  (Did you know you can get avocados at Safeway for either 50 or 78 cents depending on the week?  The are ALWAYS on sale.)  When they were leaving the grocery store David jokingly asked Flora if she wanted to walk home.  Of course she did!  This kid would always rather walk.  Unfortunately, they had the car with them and they were too far away to walk so David explained that he was just kidding an put her in the car.  She was so upset they weren't walking that she screamed the whole car ride home and was still screaming when he got her out of the car.  It's hard being a toddler sometimes.

She was so angry I couldn't resist taking a picture of her sweet little face.

Home but still bummed she didn't get to walk.


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