Monday, August 23, 2010


Not Flora's, mine.  My girl never gets sick.  The only exception would be the fever and tummy troubles she gets while teething.  I however, have the worst earache.  The pain is unbearable and after giving birth my definition of unbearable pain is pretty narrow. David is taking the day off work today so I can rest and go to the doctor.  Thank goodness for good daddies.

Flora has never had an earache but after experiencing this I will have much more empathy when she does.  After crying and freaking out because it hurt so bad last night I took some expired vicodin I found in the bathroom.  Kids don't get to take narcotics so, next time you child is freaking out because her ear hurts remember that if the pain caused a grown woman to throw a fit your little one really can't help herself.  

Here's to healthy kids with healthy ears!  
Flora's lucky to have such a good daddy!


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