Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

My husband's favorite birthday cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I made these cupcakes for him this year and they were delicious. I hope you enjoy them as a much as we did.

Cupcake Ingredients

2/3 c Fructose Crystals

½ c Earth Balance Margarine

2 Eggs

2t Vanilla Extract

1 1/2c Bob’s Red Mill Organic Unbromulated White Flour (Whole Foods also has an Organic White Flour that is not enriched.)

1 1/2t of Baking Powder (or if you choose not to use baking powder you can make a mixture of 1/2t baking soda and 1t cream of tartar as a substitute.)

1/2c Trader Joes Original Unsweetened Soymilk (WestSoy and Edensoy also make an unsweetened, un-enriched soymilk)

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line muffin pan with papers or grease 9x9 pan.

2. Cream Fructose and Earth Balance. Beat in Eggs one at a time. Stir in Vanilla.

3. In separate bowl combine Flour and Baking Powder.

4.Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture. Mix well.

5.Stir in Soymilk until batter is smooth.

6.Spoon batter into cupcake papers. There is enough batter for 12 cupcakes so don’t fill the papers to the top. Or, pour batter into greased cake pan.

7.Bake cupcakes 22-25 min. For cake bake 33-40 min. You can use a toothpick to make sure they are cooked through. Be careful not to burn your cupcakes; this is easy to do because fructose burns at a lower temp than sugar.

8.Cool on a wire rack.

Chocolate Frosting

3/4 c Non-hydrogenated Palm Shortening

1 ½ T Agave

2 t unsweetened Cocoa

1-2 drops vanilla extract

1.Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix at medium speed until consistency is smooth and fluffy.


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